It’s tempting to think that every company’s projects run over time and over budget. Yet they don’t.

There’s actually a significant sub-set that consistently deliver projects twice as fast as their competitors—when adjusted for headcount. Critical Chain reveals what they have in common—and how to apply their secrets within your own company.

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Just two challenging days locked away in a boardroom with one of TOC’s leading thinkers and implementers.

You’ll learn these companies achieve performance breakthroughs with a more rudimentary approach to planning! The secret is a radically different approach to project execution.

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Learn crucial project management insights

Why you need to spend less time planning projects, not more!

How the secret of finishing projects sooner is to start them later!

Why you must eliminating multitasking and feed each resource one discrete task at a time

How to use uncertainty as a strategic planning and management tool

Introducing Goldratt UK

Goldratt UK helps small and large manufacturing organisations apply the guiding principles of Critical Chain to quickly and create a stable system that has the capacity for significant growth.

We develop strategies and provide advice that accelerates the adoption of Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC) and TOC applications like Drum-Buffer-Rope, Critical Chain and Throughput Accounting so these businesses compete strongly and grow rapidly.

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